Why Your Child Needs To Set Aside Time This Father’s Day

Did you know that performing an act of service is a form of love language? Especially for some fathers who aren’t as chatty, the best way your child can express love for him is through acts of service. No matter your child’s age, these activities can be scaled up or down to fit your IB PYP or Primary School child.

Crafting a keepsake box (for the office bee Dad)

As a noble love language, acts of service are about demonstrating love and appreciation for your loved ones by helping them with anything they may need. For instance, if your husband finds it hard to keep track of his smaller items, why not craft a keepsake box to give him peace of mind! Inside this keepsake box, you and your child can go creative – consider inserting tiny compartments so Dad can further organise his belongings by type or function. Whether it’s his car keys, coins, or even stationery, he won’t sweat over misplacing them with this handy box.

For this craft project, you will need a books-shaped box of the perfect size, and some other decorative materials to help you customise it just how Dad would like it. The ways to decorate are endless: you can paint it in his favourite colours, add stickers of his favourite comic book characters, or even shape tiny figures using polymer clay and attach them to the box. For your older children who may want to include some additional poetic words of appreciation, engraving a heartfelt message on the inside of the box would definitely do the trick.

Making a cup of coffee (for coffee-loving Dads)

Mornings are often make us feel lethargic and sluggish, so how about pampering him with a nutritious big breakfast on Father’s Day? Aside from his favourite breakfast foods, all you need are some quality coffee grounds and his favourite mug, and you are good to go with some hot water for a steaming cup of fresh hot coffee.

Opting for fuss-free delivery meals may be tempting, but nothing beats a proper homemade meal. Consider preparing a breakfast with some simple eggs, bacon, and toast, and let your child cut up some fruits in adorable shapes. Pancakes and waffles are also simple options that can be easily dressed up with some jam, butter, and syrup.

You can even let your child try their hand at cooking some of Dad’s favourite local breakfast foods, such as prata or handmade steamed Chinese buns. Get your child to practise some culinary skills this Father’s Day!

Host a relaxing games night (for the games-fan Dad)

Working life may be stressful, and the responsibilities at work would mean Dad hardly has any time to unwind and have fun. Games night would welcome a breather from work with his loved ones, especially if he holds a great love for games! For the weekend, compile a list of old-school games that he loves or any new games that he wants to try but never had the chance to. If traditional games are not his thing, perhaps get your hands on the latest video games for some family fun.

After collating the various games he likes, set up a cosy atmosphere with scented candles, dim lights, lots of snacks, and comfy bedding as you bond and spend time together. Of course, it’s a bonus if you include a new game that will soon become one of his favourites, so keep a wide variety to spoil him for choice!

Free yourself for the weekend (for handy Dads)

He may be pressed for time responding to emails and work calls during the weekend, so his handyman projects may have been delayed in the process. So this Fathers’ Day, ease Dad’s burden and help him bring his project to life by setting aside time to help him! Be it that wood project or household item he’s been wanting to fix – help him shop for materials or assist him with any parts that he may be struggling with on his own. Especially if your kids are of 11th grade age or older, they can even help out with some heavy lifting for his projects.

If you and your child are unable to support him physically, you can always do so emotionally! Keep his morale up by accompanying him during breaks and expressing interest in his projects. No matter what you do, Dad will be grateful for you and your child’s efforts in helping him craft his next magnum opus. After all, it is nice to feel recognised and appreciated for the work that you do, so give your Dad some love this Father’s Day!


Quality over quantity – a sincere act of service is the key to appreciating your loving husbands and fathers. On this special day, take the opportunity to say an ‘I appreciate you’ with your actions. At international schools in Singapore, students are encouraged to get creative in showing their appreciation – whether it’s a one-off craft project or a long-term community project. So from the comforts of your home, let this Fathers’ Day be the time for you and your child to show you love them, in as many ways as you can!