Teaching Children Confidence: How Are IB Schools Doing It?

Every parent wants the best for their child. However, there’s a fine line between being protective and offering your children the space to develop confidence. It can be a tall task to figure out if your parenting methods are sufficient for your child.

But fret not; IB schools have seen the value in confidence and are here to journey with your children as they become the leaders of tomorrow. Here’s a glimpse at how international schools are shaping their students to express their thoughts with confidence.

What the IB education says about confidence

Swapping out academic-centric curriculums, IB schools in Singapore see excelling in studies as the tip of the iceberg; the focus is on holistic education. Emphasis is placed equally on academic subjects and soft skills, such as values and other life skills. One of which includes building up self-confidence.

When students are comfortable in their skin, they start to trust their instincts, strengths and abilities. They will then tackle challenges with confidence that will push them further to evoke change in the world.

How IB schools are cultivating confident leaders

1. Tell them there is room for mistakes

Perfection is what society has been praising and rewarding for the past decades when it comes to education. We have grown up with the mantra that better grades get you to even better places. However, what we might not see is that making mistakes are what draws upon successes. What we learn from failures is much more valuable than what we learn by attaining a full test score.

Realising this, international schools have started to do things differently. For example, various IB programmes in Singapore are designed to encourage risk-taking and hands-on learning, shifting away from drawing a line between what is deemed right or wrong.

For instance, students get to apply classroom ideas to real-world settings through an outdoor learning curriculum. Through outdoor learning, children are empowered to explore out of their comfort zone and experiment with their ideas, no matter how small these insights may start as. Being outdoors also provides sufficient inspiration for their projects and let their creativity run wild, curating new solutions for real-world problems.

2. Allow them to follow their interests

Passion is one of the few things that can drive many to achieve extraordinary feats. Especially for children, when they are engaged in what they are interested in, it’s always amazing to see how fast the learning process speeds up!

In IB schools, learning is facilitated based on the students’ curiosity and interests. Therefore, a varied and holistic programme is drawn up to allow students to discover their passions early on in life. From learning an intriguing second language at the 1st grade age to indulging in sustainable craft activities, exposing children to different subject matters gives them a gauge of their interest. This exposure, in turn, helps them realise what they would like to achieve and develop a drive to attain the goal.

3. Let children see their value

International schools are all about welcoming children from diverse cultures and ethnicities to the school community and creating inclusive learning environments. The emphasis on inclusiveness extends to celebrations of cultural events such as the United Nations week. Students come dressed in the traditional outfit of their home country, learning not just to be proud of their own culture, but also to respect and celebrate traditions that belong to their friends!

Additionally, a thorough student council selection process starts as young as primary school level to nurture their confidence as leaders. Those who wish to make a change for their peers would have to run an election campaign independently. Following the election, the leaders then form a bridge between fellow students and the school, giving them a sense of importance and self-worth.


It’s never too early for children to develop the confidence to learn, follow their passions and see the value in their voice. At international schools in Singapore, a holistic programme is specially curated to empower children in making their mark on the world. Over time, these efforts are sure to build on your children’s confidence, whether it’s cultivating an existing or potential strength of theirs.