Teachers’ Day: Get Your PYP Child On Board For DIY Gifts

Teachers’ Day is a precious time for your young ones to show their love and appreciation for the ones who have kept a close eye on them in school! During this day, students often gift their teachers a gift that is useful or sentimental, or sometimes both.

While teachers will indeed appreciate a box full of red pens or a lovely rose bought from the nearest flower shop, it would be nice to let your child’s gift speak deeper, and from the heart! For the teachers that continue to inspire us despite the pandemic, let these gift ideas guide even your youngest PYP child in showing their gratitude.

A beautiful bouquet of paper flowers

Paper flowers are great because they don’t wilt and they also make for a nice desk ornament. With so many classes to juggle, you’d want to give them a peace of mind with a low-maintenance gift.


  • Multiple pieces of different coloured papers
  • A satin ribbon
  • Glue
  • A pair of scissors


1. For the bouquet’s base, cut a 5×15 cm rectangle from a piece of green craft paper and fold it into a Chinese fan. Afterwards, tie the bottom of the fan with the satin ribbon to complete the base.

2. Draw and cut out little flowers from other pieces of coloured paper (pro tip: have your child find out their teacher’s favourite colour so that you can choose craft paper in those selected colours).

3. Once you have cut enough flowers to offer a complete look to your bouquet, glue them onto the base that you have just made.

A creative bookmark of dried flowers

Since books are an essential part of a teacher’s life, why not give them something that will be used almost daily? Here’s a look at how to craft a creative and sustainable bookmark with lovely dried flowers. Pro tip: if you can’t seem to find dried flowers, you can take fresh blooms and place them between the pages of a textbook to dry overnight.


  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • A few pieces of thick craft paper
  • A fancy string or ribbon
  • Laminating machine with laminating paper
  • A handful of dried flowers


1. Cut out a 15×4 cm rectangular piece from the thick craft paper – this will serve as the bookmark itself.

2. Arrange the dried flowers in your preferred position on the bookmark and then glue them down. Once the bookmark is dry, you can now laminate it.

3. Finally, cut a hole at the top of the bookmark and loop the string or ribbon through.

A handy gift pouch

Given that teachers have quite a handful of classroom tools, misplacing a marker or two can be a frequent scenario. For this reason, a handy gift pouch makes for a great DIY teachers’ day gift.


  • A few pieces of felt
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • A button
  • Some thread and needle


1. Cut out a long rectangular piece of felt. Then, glue the long sides, fold the felt in half – be sure to keep them pressed until the glue dries.

2. Once the glue dries up, you can help your child sew a button near the pouch’s opening. This allows the pouch to be fastened.

3. Finally, allow your child’s creativity to go wild by cutting different shapes from the remaining felt and glue them on the pouch as decoration!

A recycled stationery holder

This last gift is a handy holder that your child’s teacher can place anywhere – whether in the classroom or at home! It’s time to fashion a stationery holder out of a recycled tin.


  • A recycled tin
  • Decorative fabric and lace
  • Fabric glue
  • A pair of scissors


1. Before you start, make sure that the tin doesn’t have any sharp edges so that you and your child won’t end up cutting yourselves while making this.

2. Once the tin has also been well cleaned, cut out a large enough piece of fabric to cover the tin’s external body – wrap the container with it and glue it down with fabric glue.

3. After wrapping the tin, decorate the body as you wish with pieces of lace.

4. Use the satin thread to tie a neat knot around the new holder as the finishing touch!


After parents, teachers are your child’s next parental figures that make a world of difference to their learning and growth. At international schools in Singapore, teachers are concerned with developing every student’s potential, whether it’s in the intellectual, creative or sporting areas. This Teachers’ Day, be sure to use these craft tips to let your child gift their teachers a huge thank-you!