Sensory Play Fun For Your Curious Kindergarten Kids

The natural curiosity of children leads them to enjoy exploring and discovering new things every day. Letting them experience a wide range of activities that engage all their senses is a great way to feed their curious little minds!

Involving various senses in learning builds stronger connections, allowing children to form a deeper understanding of concepts. Not to mention, the highly interactive nature of these activities let them have tons of fun while learning!

While many IB schools in Singapore will stimulate self-discovery in young learners using a play-based approach, you can give your child a little boost at home! You don’t need a lot to give your child opportunities for sensory play. Here are some ideas you can easily try this weekend with your child in kindergarten grade!

1. Shadow puppets

Shadow puppets are a great way to introduce the idea of shadow and light to your child. There are a bunch of fun ways to play with shadows that are great for promoting motor and sensory development. By using their hands to try out various shadow puppets or using some construction paper to cut out their own, they are practising their motor skills. Working on finger isolation, thumb opposition, and other hand positions can keep them engaged and focused.

Here’s a great idea for some evening fun: Put up your very own puppet show using torchlights and hand-made puppets! This will be a wonderful time for creativity and bonding with the whole family!

2. Finger painting fun

Be prepared for some mess when letting your child paint using their fingers! This fun activity can benefit your child’s development and give them the sensory experience of exploring paint, textures and prints. They can use different methods of making marks such as using the pad of the fingers, nails, making dots and strokes. It also encourages motor development as finger painting strengthens the finger and small hand muscles, which benefits their writing skills. This delightful experience will make the children smile and create some beautiful works of art!

3. Shake it!

Making your own shakers using recycled materials can engage their sense of hearing. All you need is a clean and dry plastic bottle with a lid, some rice, ribbons, and a screwdriver. First, place the rice into the bottle. Next, a grownup will need to use the screwdriver to punch a hole into the bottle cap, thread the ribbons through the hole and tie the end into a knot. Present this homemade shaker to your child and let them perform to their favourite song!

You can replace the rice with other fillings such as beans or sand to let them explore the different sounds they can create. Using colourful ribbons can also give you the opportunity to teach your child about colours and counting. You can ask them to name the different colours or start a conversation by simply asking them which is their favourite colour and why.


Fresh activities can heighten your child’s senses to be more engaged in learning. The best schools know this, and use it daily in their classes as well! If you’re looking for a school for your young child, don’t overlook the importance of play-based learning, and choose one that can fully maximise their learning potential. Many international schools in Singapore have curricula that encourage fun and hands-on learning! Check out the international school fees and choose the perfect school for your child today!