Fun Ways To Boost Children’s Number Skills For Kindergarten

Mathematical concepts are all around us, and they don’t all involve complicated concepts. Simple activities like counting and observing sizes can be easily done around the home to pique your child’s interest and confidence in numbers! As math is the foundation to much more difficult science concepts children will learn later on, getting the fundamentals down pat is crucial.

Are you seeking new ways to get your child interested in math and numbers? Here are some easy activities even your kindergarten child can have fun with!

Put up a growth chart

Children grow very quickly and having a growth chart is one of the best ways to observe that happening. This is easy and hassle-free as you can mark out the heights using some masking tape on the wall. Have your child invite each family member to label their height on the wall, while measuring out their own. They can continue to measure their height weekly or monthly, and learn to describe and compare heights.

Invite them to be your kitchen assistant

Cooking and baking involve counting that can enhance basic math skills. You can allow children to help you out with simple counting such as the number of eggs or the number of scoops of an ingredient. This can teach them about measurements using cups, teaspoons, or tablespoons. At the same time, they can also have fun helping to stir, mix, or plate the food, which can boost motor skills. Asking them to divide the food equally when plating is also an excellent opportunity to introduce fractions and divisions.

Explore the neighbourhood

Did you know that the neighbourhood is filled with plenty of gems for counting? As you walk down the street with your little one, they can explore the patterns of how house unit numbers are arranged, how many lampposts there are on each street, or how many steps they can take between each lamppost. It is encouraged that parents verbally talk to their child as they make their way around the neighbourhood so that the children can learn about directional terms such as right, left, or behind.

Play games with numbers

Playing games that include numbers and counting can be fun! It is a great way to spark their interest in mathematical ideas, and it could be done with almost anything. Your child’s favourite playground games or even a simple DIY hopscotch at home can familiarise them with counting! There are many simple ways you can incorporate numbers into daily activities such as making a game out of snack time. You can ask them to count and sort household items or even their soft toys! 


Building your child’s numeracy skills could be as simple as incorporating them into your everyday activities. The key is to make it fun! Of course, your child’s school also plays a significant role in developing your child’s mathematical knowledge. When you’re comparing international school fees, make sure to also check out their syllabus and pick an IB school that would suit your child’s learning needs and style.