DIY Fun With Cardboard: IB School Holiday Activity Ideas

The best toys are free… don’t believe it? Then you haven’t seen children with cardboard boxes! These packaging materials that come with your parcels can keep children entertained for hours while working their hands and imagination. Dive into some of these hands-on activities to make full use of these recyclable gems!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane

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Every child dreams of flying. Oh, how they wish they could be a pilot or turn into a bird themselves as they watch the birds fly freely in the skies! But, what if we could use old cardboard and make ourselves a plane that can do just that? With some cardboard, a couple of paint bottles and a tinge of imagination, you and your child will be soaring the skies in no time.

First, use one big box to serve as the pilot’s cockpit. Then, get other loose cardboard pieces and cut them to form the wings. If you would like to have a bigger vessel, use a larger cardboard box. What’s more, the best feature of cardboard is its versatility. If your child happens to prefer trains or cars, cardboard boxes can do the trick just as well. Just turn the wings into wheels!

A king’s castle

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Cardboard boxes are not just handy when it comes to building vehicles, but palaces too! With large boxes on hand, you and your child can construct your very own castle fit for a king.

You could cut out openings for doorways and windows using common craft materials and use markers or paint to decorate the ‘walls’. You could even encourage your child’s imagination to run wild by playing with different ideas of the castle’s design. For example, consider adding turrets and towers using strips of loose cardboard – your child is sure to spend hours in his or her dream playhouse. In addition, if you own a cat, your furry friend will surely love exploring this masterpiece too!

Homemade pinata

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Everyone loves candy. Whether your child’s age is of the 1st grade age or older, sweet treats will always be welcomed. But, to make your children’s parties extra special, why not toy with the idea of making your very own homemade pinata!

Pinatas may sound fancy, but they are pretty simple to assemble. All you have to do is fill a box with some of the children’s favourite tidbits and snacks and seal it up with masking tape. You can also choose to decorate the box – as an animal, comic character, or anything your child fancies! Then, when the pinata is ready, hang it up, and take turns having a go at it, hitting it with a ball or bat.


Creativity, cardboard, and some simple materials are all you need for a fun-filled afternoon. Just pick an item from the list above to get started this school holiday!

Apart from keeping your children entertained, creative minds also make well-equipped problem-solvers and inventors! Want to further hone your child’s problem-solving and creative abilities? Check out the various makerspaces or STEAM programmes at international schools in Singapore, sure to offer endless avenues for them to exercise their hands-on creativity in building their creations.