5 Educational And Fun Weekend Activities For Your PYP Child

A while ago, weekends for children would mean creating an imaginary world with their friends and spending time outside, only limited by the rule that they must go home once it got dark. Alternatively, they’d sit in front of the television all day. Things have changed – children play video games and spend all day lounging around, watching random videos and movies, which doesn’t leave much room for learning and exploration.

It can be stifling and, ultimately, impede their development. One way to circumvent this tendency is to allow your kids to spend weekends being active and having fun while also learning something!

As a parent, it’s natural to want your kids to learn as much as they can wherever they are. Instead of the typical weekend activities of letting your child watch their favourite television show or play video games, why not gather the whole family and try something enjoyable and educational? To get you started, here are five weekend activities you can do with your children that redefine fun and help with their PYP education!

Plan an adventure in your backyard

One great weekend activity that exposes your child to the fresh air and helps them learn about their environment is exploring your backyard! Maybe you haven’t had the time to clean your backyard. Doing it with your kids could be fun, as they may find toys, snack wrappers, or random things, which provides an excellent learning opportunity. There are also several simple science experiments that you can do that will astound your child! Doing some science experiments is one of the best ways to bring STEAM education home!

Go on an excursion

Who said excursions only have to happen in school? Children love them for the taste of freedom and brand new learning opportunities. It also serves as an advantage for parents. Not only do your kids have fun, but excursions also help your child absorb what they learn in class and apply it to the great outdoors, facilitating a habit of lifelong learning. Take your child on tour around your neighbourhood, to the zoo or museum, or see a play! There are endless possibilities with an excursion.

Create a garden

Landscaping is one activity that is fun for everyone and is filled to the brim with chances to learn. Allow your kid to play in the dirt and note what they discover, such as worms, insects, or rocks. You can help your child make labels to track the number of things they find and keep them in a journal. Kids can develop their fine motor skills, explore scientific concepts, and learn the importance of patience and responsibility.

Play family classic games

Playing classic board games such as Monopoly or Snakes & Ladders is also one way to encourage new types of learning. These games not only gather the family around and promote spending time together, but it also develops your child’s decision-making and logic deduction skills! You can teach your child about money management, practice grouping, and help build their literacy skills.


Personal experiences between a child’s birth to the age of five are a crucial period in their long-term emotional and physical development. Teachers from international schools in Singapore facilitate activities that stimulate your child’s learning and development in the aforementioned ways. For more information, Inquire about an open house today!